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Quality Stilleto Heel Shoe & Purse Tool Kit for Gum Paste and Cold Porcelain

Posted by Kaye Hartman on

If you have seen those shoes that are made with gum paste or sugar dough that adorns fashionable celebration cakes, I'm sure you have seen a tool kit from other retailers that are made of styrofoam.  I'm not sure how they get away with it, but there is no way I will pay for $50 ot $75 for a kit that is made with a material that is as undependable as styrofoam.  Petal Crafts Original Shoe and Purse tool kits for cake decorating  are made with sturdy, heavy duty white resin that is virtually unbreakable. First look and you will realize that this set of tools can be used over and over without deformation and will last a life time. Ask any craftsman and they will agree, dependable tools are a must for any art or crafting trade.Original Petal Crafts Stilleto High Heel Shoe & Purse Tool Kit for Cake Decorating

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